From the recording Come On Home



Gloria Gaither and Paul Overstreet.
© 1987 Hanna Street Music (BMI) / Scarlet Moon Music (BMI)

I have never climbed a mountain
Rode the surf off Waikiki
Ridden horseback down the canyon
Never sailed the seven seas
Never camped out in the Tetons
Seen a black hills passion play
Watched Old Faithful in the sunset
Walked the islands in the bay

Oh but I have seen the children
Black and yellow white and brown
And I felt their arms around me
Heard them laugh and watched them frown
And I've listened to their parents
Had them look me in the eye
Bring the music don't forget us
Desert days are hot and dry
And sometimes the heart's a desert
And the music is the rain
Bring the singing send the music
Won't you come our way again

In Nova Scotia there's a lighthouse
Rising from the jagged rocks
And in London there's a craftsman
Who hand-makes a perfect clock
In South Tucson is a cowboy
Who can rope the wildest steer
In Seattle there's an artist
Painting saw-blades on the pier

But what I have seen are windows
Looking out on parking lots
Dressing rooms and motel lobbies
Airport gates and night truck stops
Backstage grey and green arenas
And their hollow empty space
Changed into a great cathedral
By some miracle of grace
When ten thousand three or twenty
Gather there to praise His Name
There's no sight earth has to offer
That can rival such a place

Repeat ch