From the recording Come On Home



Suzanne Jennings and Woody Wright

© 2000 Townsend and Warbucks Music (ASCAP) / Would He Wright Songs (SESAC). All rights controlled by Gaither Copyright Management. Used by permission.

Verse 1:

Flowing Like A Fountain For The Weary

Crystal Clear Like Sunlight On The Rain

Racing Like A Strong And Mighty Spirit

Moving With A Force You Can’t Restrain

In Its Streams The Broken Find Their Healing

In Its Waves The Troubled Find Their Place

In Its Currents Worried Minds Find Comfort

In Its Flood The Captive Finds Release


Come To The River

Water Of Life

Come To The River, My Child

It Never Shall Run Dry

Verse 2:

If Anyone Is Thirsty In This Desert

If Anyone Is Crying For A Drink

Then Into Longing Hearts Will Flow A River

Freely Given Those Who Will Believe

Blessings From The Source, The Living Water,

Into Every Brook and Every Stream

Filling Every Emptiness With Fullness

Washing Souls Of Every Sinner Clean

Repeat Ch