From the recording Come On Home


Jesus I Just Wanna Say I’m Sorry
by Jason Clark (BMI) 2011
Jason Clark Music Publishing

Verse 1-
Standing high upon the mountain
a victory has been won
looking back on the valley
that we had overcome
took my eyes off of you Lord
I was thinking of myself
and sure enough I faltered
without you Lord I just fail

Jesus I just wanna say I’m sorry
Jesus please wash away my sin
Jesus would you please forgive me?
Jesus I need your touch again

Verse 2
Here I stand in need of mercy
I need your grace to make it through
all I have is nothing
Lord all I want is you
such a load of guilt I carry
but now I’m here to let it go
so humbly Lord I’m asking
would you come and make me whole

(repeat chorus 2x)

Jesus I need your touch again