From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Wayne Haun/Barry Raccio)

The song that would eventually become the title track wasn’t included in the original sessions for the CD. Feeling there might be something missing from the collection, Jason turned to producer Wayne Haun as he considered recording a classic to round out the album.

“Wayne said, ‘Man, I’ve got a song that’s like a modern day hymn. It’s got the verbage and the language of a hymn, but I wrote it with a guy from out west who writes mainly secular music.’ Through some writing sessions Wayne was involved in, he was actually able to lead this guy to the Lord, and ‘Beside Still Waters’ was the very first Christian song this mainstream writer ever wrote. When Wayne sang it for me I said, ‘Man, we’ve got to cut that, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!’ So we went in the studio, and what was originally like a bonus cut became the title track of the album!”