1. There Is A Way

From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Jason Clark/Rebecca Peck)

Jason started “There Is A Way” by himself, and then decided to call on noted church songwriter Rebecca Peck (“His Life For Mine,” “Even in the Valley”) to help finish it. From there, the writing process took a decidedly 21st century turn.

“She said, ‘Well call back and sing it over my answering machine,’ so I did, sang the verse and the chorus I had written. The next day she called me back with a lyric and said ‘What do you think?’ and I said ‘I love it, but I think it still needs a bridge.’ So, she goes ‘Let me work on it.’ A couple days later she emailed me the complete demo with her singing with the piano track and everything and it just worked out great. She just Facebooked me a couple nights ago because she’d just heard the studio cut and she was so proud of it. She was just so complimentary. She said ‘It’s not everyday I get a cut I’m so proud of, but I love this song and I love what ya’ll did with it.’”

A choral version of “There Is A Way” is also available from Prism Music Publishing.