From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Carroll McGruder)

Through the years, the Nelons have recorded many songs by noted gospel writer Carroll McGruder, including “Thanks,” “I Lean On You, Lord,” and “I Wanna Praise Jesus.” As they searched for an uptempo, classic gospel song for this collection, Kelly decided it was time to re-record one of his hits.

“Our signature song for the past 20 years has been ‘We Shall Wear A Robe & Crown’ and we needed that type of feel for this CD. We basically had all the material picked except for that and I starting thinking we should do ‘Going Home with Jesus.’ Carroll McGruder has written lots of Nelon classics, so it made a lot of sense. We just went back and got that song, actually we watched it on YouTube a few times, the McGruders’ performance of it. We took it into the studio and charted it right off the YouTube version. That really served as our demo!”