1. My Tribute

From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Andrae Crouch)

Written and recorded by Gospel Music Hall of Famer Andrae Crouch, “My Tribute” dates back to his 1971 album, “Autograph.” Kelly suggested this new arrangement by the Nelons, one they frequently performed during their time on staff at Atlanta’s Grace Baptist Church.

“It would always just bring the house down as far as people just responding in praise. The arrangement is one of those that just keeps climbing and when you think it’s done, it goes through another modulation. It’s just really powerful and goes right along with the lyric. You know, we serve a God who’s done great and mighty things and the song backs that up with the big, powerful orchestra and big arrangements. Once again, that’s been the song in our concerts that has just struck a chord with all kinds of listeners across the board. It’s really struck a chord with people.”