From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Jason Clark)

The album’s closer marks 13-year-old Autumn Nelon Clark’s recording debut. Ironically, her mother Kelly first sang with the legendary Lefevres when she was the same age.

Jason says the song gets a huge response every night when Autumn sings it.

“It’s really a statement song about life, and I’ve been really amazed at how that little song has impacted people. There’s not a night that goes by when Autumn sings it that all kinds of people don’t come up and they want to buy the record just because of that tune.”

“It’s really impacting people’s lives because there are so many of us who are so down and out. Everything may seem like bad news right now, but this song is saying you can choose to live in the dumps if you want to, but I’m gonna choose to laugh instead of cry, I’m gonna choose to do these positive things you know. It’s a more optimistic approach in a dark world, and it’s really been inspiring people. And then seeing it from a 12-year-old point of view and that innocence has really been touching hearts I think.”