From the recording SOUNDTRACKS SERIES: You Are God

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Let Your Glory Shine Today
words and music by Jason Clark

God You are Almighty,
higher than any throne.
God You are so glorious
Your beauty is not known.
God You are a holy God
purer than the snow.
God You are so lovely
Your greatness is untold.

Let Your glory shine from heaven
Let Your power fall today.
May Your holiness be worshipped
May Your greatness be displayed.
Let every tribe and every nation
Sing this song of praise!
For You are God, there is none other
Let Your glory shine today!

Our hearts burn within us,
when Your Presence is revealed.
Just a glimpse of Your glory
makes us want to bow and kneel.
Cleanse us from transgressions God,
So we can worship You,
We offer our confessions,
Please come and make us new!

repeat chorus

bridge (2x)
Show me Your glory-
Show us Your glory-
We wanna see Your glory-
You are King of all glory.

repeat chorus