From the recording SOUNDTRACKS SERIES: You Are God

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You Are God
words and music by jason clark

Some say You’re just a myth
a legend of old
Others say You’re just a fairy-tale
a fable that’s foretold
But You are God alone
& You will always be
You are the One True Living God
You reign in sovereignty

You are God, the beginning and the end
Blessed hope for every man
You are the Great I Am
You are God, and I want to world to see
That You live inside of me
The One Who was, and is, and is to come
You are God!

Some will deny the truth
a lie they will believe
They claim You’re One of many gods
that You don’t reign supreme
You are God alone
and You have always been
You are the Way, the Truth, the Life
The Redeemer of our sin!

Your reign is forever, Your Kingdom will not fail
We bow before Your Presence, for without You we are frail…..

repeat ch