From the recording SOUNDTRACKS SERIES: You Are God

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We Speak Your Name
words & music by jason clark

What is it that we do,
when our world comes crashing in?
Life is hard, it seems
that there is no end
When our heart is torn, our faith is worn
and friends are hard to find
We speak Your Name, O Precious Lord
You bring peace of mind

We speak Your Name
We speak Your Name
In times of joy,
in times of pain
We speak Your Name
We speak Your Name
In sunshine or rain
We speak Your Name

The doctor gives no hope
“we’ve done all we can do”
Times are hard, money’s short
and the bills are due
When your strength is gone, the days seem long
you feel like giving in
Just speak the Name of our God
You’ll find strength in Him

repeat ch

My Rock, my Shield, my Hiding Place,
My boundless store of grace
My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End,
My Savior & my Friend

repeat ch