Dove Awards and celebrating 100 years of Gospel Music!

 Just returned home from a wonderful week in Nashville, TN. Monday night had to be one of my favorites nights of all time. Judy Nelon produced a program that included many great artist including, Triumphant Quartet,Guy Penrod, Karen Peck and New River, Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jason Crabb, The Bowlings, Gold City and many more. It was so good to see all all of our friends there. We enjoyed getting to sing with Robe and Crown with Karen and New River. I think one of the highlights for me was listening to the stories as a person from each group introduced the next group. There were great stories told, and I shared one about Karen and my father the practical joker. You will have to wait for the video to hear it though.

Tuesday continued on with the making of our first DVD in a while called "How Great Thou Art. Hopefully it will be out in the next few months. I think
Amber sings this as well as anything I have ever heard her sing. I want to say thank you to Diana Thomas and Family Friendly Network for working out all the details for the shoot.

Wednesday, was the start of the Dove Awards ceremony. It started with the pre-show at 4:30 pm. These are the awards given that are not shown on TV, but I must say that I thought the pre-show was as good or better than the real show. Stephen Hubbard produced this and it was really a who's who of talent on stage and in the audience. I enjoyed presenting 4 awards with Jeff and Sheri and as always Jeff was his funny self. We sang an encore performance with Karen Peck on Robe and Crown. The only thing that could have made it better was to have looked over and seen my father singing bass. As we exited the stage after our performance, I saw a group that I have always loved, "Point Of Grace". Beautiful ladies, who sing to the Glory of God and are examples to women everywhere. For awhile I shared the same label Word records but never knew them personally. When we stepped off the dark headed girl Leigh Cappillino said are you Kelly Nelon? Feeling a little shy I squeaked out yes I am. She said to the other girls, Denise Jones, and Shelly Breen, look you guys it's really Kelly Nelon. She started telling Karen and I that when they first started they loved The Nelons and that Leigh would be me and Denise was Karen. I stood there in amazement. She said our favorite song that you sang was Thanks and we ended our program with it. Here we are and I am thinking how much I loved their music and never had any idea that they knew who we were. It was such a compliment and it really made my day. And they were as nice as you could have imagined. I guess you never know who might be listening to your music, that is why we always strive to do the very best songs lyrically and musically. Point of Grace are my new best friends.... We tried to get a picture but there were no cameras in the well of backstage and they were up next to present, but it will always remain in my mind as one of the nicest compliments I have ever received.

We finished out the week doing photos with Aaron Cristler and Judy Nelon doing art direction. They turned out beautiful, and I was really thankful for all the help. Autumn liked Judy's (Grandy) Roast and potato's the best. We left there and finished with concerts on the weekend with Billy Hill and then in Collinwood with the Caltons (some of our dearest friends). Now back at home in Jacksonville, Fl for a few days to prepare for leaving again. Boy, I really love my life...I really do!!!!!