1. He Found Me

From the recording Beside Still Waters

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(Jason Clark/Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey)

The first hit from Beside Still Waters also has its roots in Jason’s time as Worship Pastor at Atlanta’s Grace Baptist Church.

“I started ‘He Found Me’ sitting in the church parking lot one day waiting for band rehearsal. The chorus came really quick, just one of those things when you write a bunch of things that Christ has done. The hook was, I can find Jesus in scripture walking on water, I can find him raising Lazarus from the dead, but when I look at Calvary, that’s the place where He found me, just a little play on words. I sang the chorus to Wayne and he loved it. He and Joel Lindsey wrote the verses to it, and felt so strongly about it they wanted to release it as the first single.”

“He Found Me” is currently available in the Lillenas choral collection titled “The Old Landmark,” along with the Nelons’ 2008 hit “We Speak Your Name.” It also includes Janet Paschal’s remake of “Hide Me, Sweet Rock of Ages,” which she originally sang with the Rex Nelon Singers in the eighties.