One Thankful Mother

We recently sang in a church around Lexington, KY on a Sunday morning. As the service was about to start, around 15-20 girls came in and sat on the first, second and third rows. I noticed that they all had on the same pants and sweaters. I watched as they sang and clapped as if they had not a care in the world. They were mostly teenagers and I wondered who they were and where were they from. The Preacher called for us to sing, and as we sang they watched us intently, hanging on every word we sang and spoke. The laughed as we tried to say a few humorous things but really checking us out. When I sat down as the offering was taken I asked the music minister who they were. I learned they were from a girl’s home. Some of them had been abused, some were troubled teens, and some had been abandoned by their parents. There were many different situations and circumstances there. As I looked at them my heart broke for them and their heartaches. I reached over and put my arm around Amber and I silently thanked God that my girls were there in church with me that they had Jesus in their heart and were safe and sound. I sang with new zeal as we returned to the platform. I prayed that something that we sang would touch their hearts. At the end of the service the invitation was given, and many came to the altar. One girl in particular caught my attention. She was sobbing and several women were praying with her and just holding her. I found out that she had been praying that she could see her mother. She was missing her. It was heartbreaking. As people continued to pray I couldn’t help but look down at her. About the time that I was looking down at her, she looked up at me. Through the big tears in her eyes she mouthed the words thank you to me. You know me I could not hold back the tears. I didn’t know and still don’t know what she was thanking me for but I was thankful that God answered my prayer and used us in her situation. I thanked Him for allowing me to get it… to know that the reason we sing is not to win awards (and we are thankful for each and every one) or gather success or wealth or fame, but we are out there to present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an honor to do so and to be able to travel with my family is this girl’s greatest joy, and the best mother’s day present I could ever receive.

Kelly Nelon Clark